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HP Teeth Whitening Strips


Introducing the TheGRL876 Teeth Whitening Strips. This magical innovation utilizes fast-acting formula to dissolve years of stains in under 30 minutes. With no gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, results are visible after a single treatment. Each package includes 28 individual strips which are small and nearly invisible, so you can whiten your teeth without a gooey mess and enjoy a refreshing mint flavor. Get impressive results with minimal effort, renew your confidence, and keep your smile fresh.

Why choose The Perfect Smile by TheGRL876?

• Experienced visible whitening effects after only 3 uses
• Dissolves quickly and completely, leaving no residue
• Up to 7 shades brighter with one box of HP Whitening Strips
• Gentle on enamel and reduces sensitivity
• Anti-bacterial agents leave breath feeling fresh
• Contains 28 whitening strips per pack (14 sessions for top and bottom)
• Guaranteed results with every TheGRL876 product

How do HP Strips whiten?

When applied to your teeth, HP Strips adhere to the surface and release the active ingredients of the peroxide formula, providing whitening, desensitisation, and remineralisation benefits with rapid effect.

How and when should I use HP Strips?

Dry teeth thoroughly before application. Peel off the long strip and place adhesive side onto the top row of teeth. Firmly press strip down and fold over back of teeth to secure in place. Repeat process with short strip for the bottom row. Allow 30 minutes for whitening treatment. After, remove strips and rinse mouth with water. Use HP Strips as frequently as necessary.


PVP(K30), Glycerin, Hydroxypropylcellulose, PVP(K90), Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil, Menthol. 

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